Culture and Heritage


Piqqusilirivvik is the new Inuit Cultural Learning Facility, which is being established in Clyde River with satellite programming in Baker Lake and Igloolik. It is dedicated to enabling the transfer of traditional culture, knowledge, life style, skill sets and values, taught in the Inuit language and based on Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit guiding principles. Much of the learning opportunities will occur on the land but also in a facility that respects the natural environment. At the same time, the building will provide students with modern amenities and a very progressive learning environment that reflect today’s contemporary reality.

The role of Piqqusilirivvik within Nunavut was envisioned as:
  • A place of excellence;
  • A place that enriches and strengthens Inuit culture;
  • A place that recognizes and bestows prestige on the acquisition of traditional Inuit knowledge and culture;
  • A place to understand and learn about Inuit language, culture and heritage;
  • A place that represents all of Nunavut, and offers satellite programming that is accessible to all communities;
  • A place in touch with the land and the animals that live there;
  • A place that is a retreat from academic pressures;
  • A place to obtain personal fulfillment and direction for future life paths;
  • A place to obtain counseling and life skills management techniques;
  • A place that offers academic independence, linked to conventional education systems when required.